Dropshipping Guide [Infographic]

Are you in love with eCommerce but do not have enough of your own products, or any? There is a solution for that – Dropshipping.

As a dropshipper you run and operate your own eCommerce website and focus on making sales without worrying about having to process, package, and deliver the orders. Here is an example scenario: Customer buys product on your website. You take that order and forward it to the manufacturer that you have setup a deal with. That manufacturer then packages that order with your store branding and delivers it to the customer. You just need to make sure that you are charging the customer enough so that you make a profit minus the manufacturer’s fee.

World Wide Brands is a platform that connects dropshippers to real manufacturers. This is an absolute must-have if you plan on doing any drop shipping. There are far too many “wholesalers” out there that have optimized for search engines to target dropshippers looking to forge relationships. World Wide Brands certifies that a manufacturer is really the business or person that creates said product and that they are not some middleman trying to squeeze out a profit between the dropshipper and manufacturer. Drop Ship Lifestyle is another network you can join. Also take the time to review this infographic that will teach you more about the process.


There is a new dropshipper that makes it stupid-simple to import items directly into your online store if you are using Shopify. If you have look at the eCommerce comparison guide you will know that Shopify is the most recommended shopping cart software not only based on its features and integrations but it’s ease of use for beginners. So all around it is the down-right best solution for building an online store.

Anyhow, that dropshipper is Oberlo. If you want the ability to setup dropshipping as quickly and painlessly as possible then Shopify+Oberlo is the absolute best decision you could make.