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A Scavenger Hunt for Interwebs People [Dec 2018]
A Scavenger Hunt for Interwebs People

A Scavenger Hunt for Interwebs People

Would you like to play a game?

A Scavenger Hunt for Interwebs People is a game that can be solved with a little knowledge of internet marketing, puzzle solving skills, creative thinking and the internet.

These stories (once solved) will lead you on a hunt around the internet for the other clues that present you with riddles. The riddles will lead you to items. Once you have all the items they will lead you to a door and it is locked.

Hello Agent,
Do Not Dwell created these storyboards to test the students of its beginner’s course on the many online income strategies & internet marketing processes.
Can you¹ guess the strategy² before this message self-destructs in 30 secs³?
¹You may work with other agents in the field. Reference the codenames to keep the message secure.
²Once you have solved the stories, search Google with their codenames and answers.
³This message may fail to self-destruct… this does not release you from the obligation of your mission.
⁴There was no 4. Stay alert out there agent!

A Scavenger Hunt for Interwebs People Image

If you wish to download the original image you can grab it here: http://www.donotdwell.com/a-scavenger-hunt-for-interwebs-people.png