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Best Voice Chat for Gaming - Comparison Chart [Dec 2018]
Best Voice Chat for Gaming: Comparison Chart

Best Voice Chat for Gaming: Comparison Chart

Try the 1 vs 1 comparison table further down the page.

Program LogoProgram NameOperating SystemPriceLow LatencyMinimal CPU UsageDirect MessagingIn-game OverlayCustom Hot KeysIndividual Volume ControlMultiple ChannelsRich Text ChatPermissionsFriends ListPush NotificationsMobile AppCodecIP ProtectionDDoS ProtectionMisc
DiscordWindows/MacFreeYes, FreeOpus
CurseWindows/Mac FreeYes, FreeOpusAddon for Hotkeys
MumbleWindows/Mac/LinuxHosting requiredYes, FreeOpus, GSM, Speex
TeamspeakWindows/Mac/LinuxHosting requiredYes, PaidCELT, Speex, Opus
VentriloWindows/MacHosting requiredNoSpeex
RaidcallWindows 2000+FreeNo???
SkypeWindows/Mac/Linux +moreFreeYes, FreeSILK
Rich Text: Links & Images available in lobby or DM.

Top Winners Scoreboard

Low Latency:curse-voice-logodiscord-app-logomumble-logoteamspeak-logo
Minimal CPU Usage:curse-voice-logodiscord-app-logomumble-logoraidcall-logoteamspeak-logoventrilo logo
Direct Messaging:curse-voice-logodiscord-app-logomumble-logoraidcall-logoskype-logoteamspeak-logoventrilo logo
In-game Overlay:curse-voice-logodiscord-app-logomumble-logoraidcall-logoteamspeak-logo
Custom Hot Keys:curse-voice-logodiscord-app-logomumble-logoraidcall-logoteamspeak-logoventrilo logo
Individual Volume Control:curse-voice-logodiscord-app-logomumble-logoraidcall-logoteamspeak-logoventrilo logo
Multiple Channels:discord-app-logomumble-logoraidcall-logoteamspeak-logoventrilo logo
Rich Text Chat:discord-app-logoraidcall-logoskype-logoteamspeak-logo
Permissions:discord-app-logomumble-logoraidcall-logoteamspeak-logoventrilo logo
Friends List:curse-voice-logodiscord-app-logoskype-logo
Push Notifications:discord-app-logoskype-logo
Mobile App:curse-voice-logodiscord-app-logomumble-logoskype-logoteamspeak-logo
IP Protection:curse-voice-logodiscord-app-logomumble-logoraidcall-logoteamspeak-logoventrilo logo
DDoS Protection:curse-voice-logodiscord-app-logo(This really depends on the service or voice hosting provider)

Wins:  discord-app-logo:15 curse-voice-logo:11 teamspeak-logo:11 mumble-logo:10 raidcall-logo:10 ventrilo logo:7 skype-logo:6

Top Winner!



Top Losers Scoreboard

Price:mumble-logoteamspeak-logoventrilo logo
Low Latency:raidcall-logoskype-logoventrilo logo
Minimal CPU Usage:skype-logo
Direct Messaging: N/A
In-game Overlay:skype-logoventrilo logo
Custom Hot Keys:skype-logo
Individual Volume Control:skype-logo
Multiple Channels:curse-voice-logoskype-logo
Rich Text Chat:curse-voice-logomumble-logoventrilo logo
Friends List:raidcall-logomumble-logoteamspeak-logoventrilo logo
Push Notifications:curse-voice-logoraidcall-logomumble-logoteamspeak-logoventrilo logo
Mobile App:raidcall-logoventrilo logo
Codec: N/A
IP Protection:skype-logo
DDoS Protection: mumble-logoraidcall-logoskype-logoteamspeak-logoventrilo logo(This really depends on service or voice hosting provider.)

Losses: skype-logo:9 ventrilo logo:8 mumble-logo:5 raidcall-logo:5 curse-voice-logo:4 teamspeak-logo:4 discord-app-logo:0    

Biggest Loser!



I know, you’re welcome. I did quite a job, ticking boxes off on all of these features for all the programs. But you should watch these videos (at the bottom of this page) if you feel like you need more information.

MMORPG Gamer vs Entrepreneur - More Alike Than You Know

mmorpg gamer vs entrepreneur


Want to compare them 1 vs 1?

Use the chart below to drag and drop the program and compare it side-by-side to another chat client.

Program LogoProgram NameOperating SystemPriceLow LatencyMinimal CPU UsageDirect MessagingIn-game OverlayCustom Hot KeysIndividual Volume ControlMultiple ChannelsRich Text ChatPermissionsFriends ListPush NotificationsMobile AppCodecIP ProtectionDDoS ProtectionMisc




DiscordWindows/MacFreeYes, FreeOpusCurseWindows/Mac FreeYes, FreeOpusAddon for HotkeysMumbleWindows/Mac/LinuxHosting requiredYes, FreeOpus, GSM, SpeexTeamspeakWindows/Mac/LinuxHosting requiredYes, PaidCELT, Speex, OpusVentriloWindows/MacHosting requiredNoSpeexRaidcallWindows 2000+FreeNo???SkypeWindows/Mac/Linux +moreFreeYes, FreeSILK

So there are free VoIP programs? Why would I ever use a paid option?
That’s a great question, noob! Ok for real, the reason that you would ever want to opt for a paid communications server option is if you can’t get your guild or clan or whatever to agree on the free option. For whatever reasons they have (Probably lag reasons and you will want to watch that lag showdown video embedded below). Yes, managing people is a pain in the a$$. Especially gamers, they simply want what they want, and don’t give a crap about your wants.
Anyhow, if it’s because they are stressing to you to use Teamspeak, I completely understand! It has a ton of options for admins and cool things like phonetic titles for users that can be used to tell you, who just entered the channel. The main reason is latency. The lower the latency you are able to achieve, the higher an advantage you and your team will have. Milliseconds mean everything in a first-person shooter. They could easily wipe a raid if the tank forgets to turn on a cleave or the healer falls asleep during a 1-hitter quitter.
Point is, free options like Discord and Curse are awesome if the server they provide is close to your players. But if you are not casual players, then you might want to consider going with those voice chat programs that give you a bit of advantage in VoIP transfer speed.

Why would anyone ever use Skype for gaming?
I’d love to say I have no idea but in a case where you would be just talking to one or two people while casually playing, I can see that. If it’s a clan match or a raid… -_- you got to be kidding me.