Camtasia vs ScreenFlow

Tool LogoTool NameMore InfoOperating SystemPriceCapture ScreenWebcam RecordingCapture AudioCapture System AudioCapture Video GamesNo WatermarkHot Key ControlsRecording Session LimitTimeline EditingAdjust AudioPan & ZoomAdd MediaDrawing ToolAdd AnnotationsVideo Output FormatsAudio Output FormatsInternet Upload (eg: YouTube)FAQ or KnowledgebaseTutorialsPhone SupportEmail SupportLive ChatMISC
CamtasiaVisit Site
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Windows/MacWin: $299.00/Mac: $99YesNone51Yes
ScreenFlowVisit Site
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Mac$99YesNone2, MOV MP42, AIFF MP4Yes


Price: Tie
Capture Screen: Tie
Webcam Recording: Tie
Capture Audio: Tie
Capture System Audio: Tie
Capture Video Games: Tie
No Watermark: Tie
Hot Key Controls: Tie
Recording Session Limit: Tie
Timeline Editing: Tie
Adjust Audio: Tie
Pan & Zoom: Tie
Add Media: Tie
Drawing Tool: Tie
Add Annotations: Tie
Video Output Formats: Camtasia
Audio Output Formats: ScreenFlow
Internet Upload (eg: YouTube): Tie
FAQ or Knowledgebase: Tie
Tutorials: Tie
Phone Support: Tie
Email Support: Tie
Live Chat: Camtasia

Ties: 18

Camtasia wins: 2

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ScreenFlow wins: 1

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This is really close and you could go with either one and be fine. My suggestion, in this case, would be to test both programs. See which one is the easiest to work with in your own experience. Camtasia is incredibly easy for me to use after looking up a few YouTube videos on how to do certain things. You would have to do the same thing for any program. Once you get a feel for how both of them operate then it will be easier to decide.

No crap! I wouldn’t be looking up a comparison if I had time to test them both!  Fine, you like being told what to do then go with Camtasia. Reason? My experience with it has been good simply for the fact that it lets me do what I think it will let me do. I hate using programs and trying to do something that completely makes sense and then it won’t let you do it. Camtasia is the opposite of that. It allows you to move, edit, add media in the most intuitive way I have ever seen.

That’s not good enough? Ok, fine let’s take it to video. This will show you everything these programs have and score them.

Checkout the full screen recorder comparison chart to compare more like Final Cut Pro. Note: Captivate & iMovie are not yet added to the chart.