Weebly vs Wix vs Squarespace

Weebly vs Wix vs Squarespace

Do you want to compare Weebly vs Wix vs Squarespace as a:


Website Builder Comparison

Builder LogoBuilder NameMore InfoPricingMonthly PlanFree PlanBuilder StyleExample SitesSupport: PhoneSupport: Live ChatSupport: Email/TicketAd-FreeFree SubdomainYour Own DomainDisk Space (GB)BandwidthNumber of WebsitesNumber of PagesEmail AccountCustom HTML/CSSExport WebsiteeCommerceMoney Back GuaranteeMisc
WixVisit Site
Special Offers
$5YesYesDrag & Drop / See Video BelowExample Site 1Example Site 2Example Site 3More ExamplesYesw/ Combo Plan & AboveYesYes, w/ Paid Plan500MB - 200GB500 MB - Unlimited1UnlimitedYesNoNoYes14 Days
WeeblyVisit Site
Special Offers
$8Yes +$YesDrag & DropExample Site 1Example Site 2Example Site 3More Examples24/7 w/ Pro & Abovew/ Paid PlanYesYes, w/ Paid Plan500MB - UnlimitedUnlimited1UnlimitedYesYesYesYes30 Days
SquarespaceVisit Site
$12Yes +$No, 14 Day TrialMix of CMS, D&D, WYSIWYGExample Site 1Example Site 2Example Site 3NoYesYesYes, +$20 yearlyUnlimitedUnlimited120 - UnlimitedYesYesYesYes14 Days on Annual Purchases, No Monthly Purchase Refunds


Monthly Plan:wix-logo-small(More affordable monthly plan out of all three)
Free Plan:wix-logo-small & weebly-logo
Builder Style: N/A
Example Sites: N/A
Support: Phone:wix-logo-small(Phone support on all plans)
Support: Live Chat:squarespace-logo-small & weebly-logo
Support: Email/Ticket: Tie
Ad-Free: N/A (Either way you’ll be paying to not have ads on your site)
Free Subdomain: Tie
Your Own Domain: Tie
Disk Space (GB):squarespace-logo-small & weebly-logo
Bandwidth: Tie
Number of Websites: Tie
Number of Pages: Tie
Email Account: Tie
Custom HTML/CSS:squarespace-logo-small & weebly-logo
Export Website:squarespace-logo-small & weebly-logo
eCommerce: Tie
Money Back Guarantee:weebly-logo
Misc: N/A

Ties: 8


eCommerce Comparison

Builder LogoBuilder NameMore InfoPricingDemo VideoExample SitesSupport: PhoneSupport: Live ChatSupport: Email/Help DeskSupport: ForumBuilt-in Credit Card ProcessorsPayment ProcessorsNo Transaction FeesMobile App to Manage StoreExtensions or Add-onsThemes (All Mobile Ready)Drag & Drop BuilderHostingUnlimited ProductsDigital ProductsPoint of Sale SystemMarketing: Email/NewsletterMarketing: Discount Codes & CouponsMarketing: External Store IntegrationMarketing: Affiliate Program for your StoreMisc
Wix StoresVisit Site
Special Offers
Monthly: $17, $25


Example Site 1Example Site 2Example Site 3More Examples

Yes but not 24/7NoYesStripe, Paypal, Moolah (authorize.net) +4 moreYesYesYesYesYes, IncludedYesNoNo Yes, via an ExtensionYesAdd your Etsy shop or Shopify store to your site

No, but OSI has a solution

WeeblyVisit Site
Special Offers
Monthly: $8, $12, $25


Example Site 1Example Site 2Example Site 3More Examples

24/7 w/ Pro & AboveYesYesStripe Paypal Authorize.netonly w/ Business PackageYesYesYesYes, Includedw/ BusinessYesNoYesYes on Business PackageNo

No, but OSI has a solution

Checkout redirects to weebly.com unless you have Business Package Abandoned Cart Recovery on Performance Package

SquarespaceVisit Site
Monthly: $26, $40


Example Site 1Example Site 2Example Site 3

NoYes, only Mon-Fri 3AM and 8PM Eastern TimeYesOnly StripeNo, Fee starts at 3%Yes, iOS only Yes, Paid & FreeNoYes, IncludedYesYesNoYesYesFacebook Tab

No, but OSI has a solution

Abandoned Cart Reminder

Online Store Scoreboard

Pricing: weebly-logo
Support Phone: wix-logo-small(provided with multiple plans)
Support Live Chat: squarespace-logo-small & weebly-logo
Support Email/Help Desk: Tie
Support Forum: Tie
Built-in Credit Card Processors: Tie
Payment Processors:wix-logo-small & weebly-logo
No Transaction Fees: wix-logo-small
Mobile App to Manage Store: Tie
Extensions or Add-ons: squarespace-logo-small & weebly-logo
Themes (all have mobile ready themes): Tie
Drag & Drop Builder:wix-logo-small & weebly-logo
Hosting: Tie
Unlimited Products:wix-logo-small&squarespace-logo-small(provided at lower level packages)
Digital Products:squarespace-logo-small & weebly-logo
Point of Sale System: Tie
Marketing: Email/Newsletter: Tie
Marketing: Discount Codes & Coupons:wix-logo-small&squarespace-logo-small
Marketing: External Store Integration:wix-logo-small&squarespace-logo-small
Marketing: Affiliate Program for your Store: Tie

Ties: 9

Alright looks like Squarespace is the winner by features but I am going to compare it with Wix side by side in this post and quickly point out their pros and cons:

Wix vs Squarespace 


Video Demos





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