The Free Email Automation Webinar

What if I told you that you could create a better experience for your email subscribers while creating more time for yourself in your marketing efforts, all while making more money? With today’s technology in email marketing this isn’t only possible, it’s quickly becoming the standard. If you don’t learn the principles of email marketing automation now, you will be left in the dark ages of monthly newsletters and frustrated email subscribers.

This week ConvertKit will be hosting a free workshop teaching exactly that.

In this workshop, Nathan Barry, the CEO and Founder of ConvertKit, will explain how he created ConvertKit to bring bloggers and online entrepreneurs into modern marketing.

Nathan was tired of using programs that only talked about automation but didn’t give him the actual functionality he needed. Turns out many other people shared his frustrations. So he created the exact tool he needed without being overly complicated and extremely expensive like other email service providers.

Now top bloggers like Pat Flynn, Leo Babauta, Wellness Mama, Joshua Becker, and many others use ConvertKit too!

The webinar is called: Connecting More By Doing Less: 8 Marketing Automations You Need Today, and will be hosted on September 21st at 2 PM CST:

Here’s what you’ll learn in the webinar:

  • How to use simple automation tools and strategies that’ll save you MULTIPLE hours each week
  • One simple trick to segment, teach, and pitch your customers automatically (and without coming across like a weird used car salesman)
  • Exclusive behind the scenes access to learn how to automate your sales funnels like Pat Flynn (in fact, Nathan is going to show you Pat’s exact funnel)

You’ll also see how easy all of this is with ConvertKit, and how fast you can get started.

I highly suggest registering for this webinar. And if you can’t make it live-we’ll make a replay available as well. Click here to register now!

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