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Popout Pins – Stand out on Pinterest! [Dec 2018]
popout pins for pinterest

Popout Pins – Stand out on Pinterest!

I knew Pinterest was a huge social media platform. I heard and read about many people doing well marketing on it but I just never really sat down and decided “I’m going to make this work”. Took me awhile to understand the community and realize that if I really wanted to have any chance of succeeded on there I would have to change all of my images that got pinned there.

Video Instructions

Free Canva Pinterest Templates You Can Edit & Save

Free Canva.com Pinterest Templates You Can Edit & Save

Here my pins were looking like tiny little ducks sitting next to massive tugboat banners. You know the big 735 width and infinite height ones that everyone does so damn well on. These people have got me beat but oh well I can do it to. So I made some images just like theirs and started pinning them and getting them onto some community boards and sat back and waited for the people. Not much of a difference at all. In fact, there was none.

Obviously the only way to get any attention is to have an infographic… geez they just keep going and going. Boom! There is absolutely no reason why I cannot take those same board images I made and just attach really cool designs to the top and bottom and make them stand out just as much as the infographics do.

Example of a Popout Pin for Pinterest

When you get one idea and start implementing it then you get another and another. So I started using transparency on the images with bevel and drop shadow to actually make the pin images sort of pop out on the board.


thought bubble popout pin for Pinterest


Then another idea to just use huge text as pin images.


typography pin

I really think it helps and I think you will to.

I will show you how to make these popout pins with free online tools.


Click here to get to the Pixlr Editor

Here is how to make a standard Pinterest rectangle pin picture in 1 minute.

I am currently taking requests! If you really want something that isn’t in the package then let me know here and I will create it for you!

If you want to download the package of all the frames, extenders, bedazzle and what-not then submit your email in the form below and it will be sent to you instantly. It’s a zip file you do know how to unzip this type of file right? If not I’ll show you how in this video.

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