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Mumble vs Teamspeak - [Side-by-Side] Comparison [Dec 2018]
Mumble vs Teamspeak

Mumble vs Teamspeak

Program LogoProgram NameOperating SystemPriceLow LatencyMinimal CPU UsageDirect MessagingIn-game OverlayCustom Hot KeysIndividual Volume ControlMultiple ChannelsRich Text ChatPermissionsFriends ListPush NotificationsMobile AppCodecIP ProtectionDDoS ProtectionMisc
MumbleWindows/Mac/LinuxHosting requiredYes, FreeOpus, GSM, Speex
TeamspeakWindows/Mac/LinuxHosting requiredYes, PaidCELT, Speex, Opus


Price: Tie
Low Latency: Tie
Minimal CPU Usage: Tie
Direct Messaging: Tie
In-game Overlay: Tie
Custom Hot Keys: Tie
Individual Volume Control: Tie
Multiple Channels: Tie
Rich Text Chat: Teamspeak
Permissions: Tie
Friends List: Tie
Push Notifications: Tie
Mobile App: Mumble(free app)
Codec: Toss-Up (Purely comes down to preference)
IP Protection: Tie
DDoS Protection: Tie(This is provided by the voice hosting service.)

Ties: 13

Toss-Up: 1

Teamspeak wins: 1

Mumble wins: 1

Ends in a Tie!

Personally, I never had an issue with Mumble other than I don’t like the text chat or the private messaging. I prefer Teamspeak because it has so many options for various things like setting Phonetic names for example. When A person enters the channel then Teamspeak will tell you who it is based on the Phonetic name that they set.

If you don’t need a paid solution like Mumble or Teamspeak then I suggest you check out the post about the Best Voice Chat Programs for Gaming. It has a few free options that you might want to consider if you’re not a hardcore guild or clan. There is also a video on this page that will show you the exact latency tests for the same VoIP software.