Social Media Marketing getting started

Getting Started with Social Media Marketing [w/ Video Walkthrough]

This post and video will get you started with your social media presence. It is torn from a section of the A True Beginner’s Guide to Making Money Online Course. The written content will be just below the video on this page so you can easily follow along with the linked resources.

Create a Facebook Page
Create a Google+ Page
Create a Twitter account
With these 3 major social media pages/profiles setup you can use them to instantly create accounts on many other websites and connect services to other social media communities. Always pay attention to what those services are requesting access to.

How to look active on many different social media outlets by only sharing in a few places first.
Signup for Buffer: Allows you to share and schedule anything you want across your Facebook(Page, Group or Profile), Google+ Page, Twitter, LinkedIn. Charges for Pinterest connection.

Use this Onlumni topic to follow members of Onlumni and they will follow you back to get your follow count up so you can connect Buffer. Be sure to post your account name in the topic as well to return the favor and boost your following. Curated content based on your interests shared via Buffer. You are what you share, this will start getting you likes and followers from active people in your immediate industry.
Hiplay: Never have an empty Buffer queue again. Hiplay will take care of your evergreen posts and keep your social platforms buzzing day and night.
If This Then That: Allows you to create connections between social media profiles, pages etc. For example: (IF) I post (picture) on (This)Instagram. (Then) post the content on Tumblr(That).

Using these services will allow you to easily grow your social media pages and activity without having to spend all day updating them one by one. Companies hire social media managers for these reasons because the management of it is extremely time consuming. You may not yet have the resources to hire someone to do it (or like in my case, ever want to) for you. Work smarter, not harder.

my social media sharing strategy

Social Media Tools

4 Best Tools Reviewed
Agora Pulse

Influence is not about convincing people to want different things than they already want, it’s about showing them that the way to get what they want, is by following you.



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Getting Started with Social Media [w/ Video Walkthrough]