Email Marketing Software Delivery IPs

Due to the terms & conditions of the service that I am using. I am not allowed to publish their data. That is why I am sharing my satisfaction with the numbers, represented by smiley faces.

If you would like to signup for the free service yourself and confirm the actual numbers then you can by simply heading over to:

With your account, you will be able to confirm the actual numbers for yourself by inputting each services IP range one at a time. I also recommend that you check out their annual Deliverability Benchmark Report. This will break down the Inbox Placement Rates globally and by each country.

When checking a viable IP address you will see a score 0-100 and a graph like this:

sendscore graph

Needless to say I spotchecked about 5-10 IPs for each service. To my surprise they we’re all above 90, these providers are serious deliverers.




Campaign Monitor

Constant Contact


-confirming IPs-

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